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Dawn Cook

Dawn Cook is originally from Marysville, Michigan. She graduated high school and college with honors and first enjoyed serving and helping people, in her first career path, as a certified public accountant from 1989 – 2004. Her clients and colleagues appreciated her attention to detail and quality.

She met her wonderful husband Dave just before graduating high school and has been swept off her feet ever since he married her in 1989. Two children were in their plans and gratefully two daughters, Kerstin and Nicole, arrived in 1994 and 1996. In 2004, Dave had the awesome idea to move his family from cold and almost always cloudy Michigan to warm and almost always sunny Florida. Dawn, Dave and the girls (Nikky quit saying she missed the snow in about 2008) have been happy here in Florida and they couldn’t imagine leaving the sunshine state. Dawn enjoyed building the franchise with Dave as their first business venture in Florida, but she was also glad when that business venture and Dave’s insight led them to the insurance industry and Cesar Chacon in 2012.

Dawn had never thought about being an insurance agent, but it has really grown on her. She can use her professional and trusted client service practices from her years as a CPA to help people understand their insurance needs and to help them make the best decision for them. As an insurance agent and adviser, she really loves the education and understanding that she can offer to her clients. She also loves building a caring relationship with her clients by learning what is most important to them and what goals they want to accomplish. With the variety of all the insurance products available, there is one that she can find that will meet those client needs.

Dawn has always been interested in the self-development and financial literacy teachings from many great mentors like Jim Rohn and Robert Kiyosaki. (They named their dog Kiyo if that gives you any idea of the benefits they received from Kiyosaki.). She tries her best to practice what she learns to better herself and help others. Dawn feels that the relationships she has been building with all her clients has helped her to grow as person. It is an ongoing process and Dawn will always be learning. That continual learning is also applied to the insurance industry, where it is always exciting and full of opportunities.


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Dawn has been a wonderful asset for helping us understand my husband's and my medicare options. She explained things very clearly and was a big help. We have complete trust in her and highly recommend her as an insurance agent!
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