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Although not intended to be confusing, health insurance
(with all its many associated terms) can sometimes seem as foreign as an unintelligible dialect. At Insurance Hub, we believe everyone deserves to be able to understand and afford high-quality health care insurance coverage. That’s why we’re committed to providing our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date insurance information available. And we’re shedding some light on a commonly misunderstood health insurance term: PPO. Curious about just what exactly the term PPO means? Read on.

  • PPO is an abbreviation which stands for Preferred Provider Organization.
  • PPO health insurance plans offer policyholders a greater degree of flexibility and more choices regarding health care. This flexibility most often comes with a higher monthly premium as well as increased deductibles and copays.
  • PPO plans offer a vast network of healthcare providers from which policyholders may choose to receive care. Although out-of-pocket medical expenses are lower when an in-network provider is selected, policyholders may choose to receive care from any physician or hospital – even if out-of-network.
  • PPO plans do not require policyholders to have an established primary care physician (PCP).
  • PPO plans do not require referrals.
  • PPO plans allow policyholders to keep any long-standing relationships with physicians and specialists, regardless of network status or affiliation.

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