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PFFS Plans

Just what exactly are PFFS plans? PFFS is an abbreviation which stands for Private Fee-For-Service. PFFS plans are health insurance plans also known as Medicare Advantage Plans and provide a different way to enroll in Medicare benefits. PFFS plans are required to cover all services that are covered under Original Medicare, including Part A’s inpatient hospital services and Part B’s outpatient medical services. Here’s some important information to remember about PFFS plans.

  • PFFS plans are private insurance plans offered by private companies that contract with the federal government.
  • PFFS plans usually operate within health care provider networks, but cannot restrict you to a certain network. PFFS plans must cover care and services received from any Medicare-approved physician or hospital.
  • PFFS plans may also include Medicare prescription drug coverage (PART D), but this is not guaranteed or required. If a PFFS plan does not offer desired prescription drug coverage, you may elect to join a stand-alone Medicare drug plan.
  • PFFS plans may also include unique benefits not offered by Original Medicare, such as routine dental and vision care.
  • PFFS plans are not allowed to require a referral before a specialist may be seen.
  • PFFS plans are not allowed to ask you to get approval from your plan before receiving care.
  • PFFS plans are not allowed to charge higher copays dependent upon whether you inform the plan before receiving care.

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