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Just what is accident insurance? Accident insurance provides coverage for a variety of accidents, from on- and off-the-job accidents to off-the-job only accidents. In the event an accident occurs while under coverage, accident insurance provides benefits to the policy holder which can help with costs not covered by primary insurance. Take a closer look at what accident insurance offers you and your family.

  • Choice of on- and off-the-job coverage or off-the-job only coverage
  • Customizable coverage with Silver, Gold, Platinum, Basic, Enhanced, and Premier options, as well as riders to expand available coverage
  • Benefits covering loss of life or limb, dislocation or fracture, hospital stays. ambulance dispatch, medical expenses, and disability costs
  • Benefit Enhancement Rider covering accident follow-up treatment, physical therapy, lacerations, tendon or ligament or rotator cuff or knee cartilage surgery, ruptured disc, appliance, non-local transportation, family member lodging, brain injury diagnosis, eye surgery, burns, skin graft, initial hospital confinement, blood and plasma, hospital intensive care unit confinement, open abdominal or thoracic surgery, prosthesis, paralysis, and coma with respiratory assistance