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Critical Illness

Just what is critical illness insurance? Critical illness insurance is coverage which pays you lump-sum benefits exactly at the time you need it most – when a critical illness is diagnosed. With critical illness insurance, you are covered in the event of a critical illness which falls into either of two covered categories. You may also opt to include additional benefit riders with your coverage. Take a closer look at what’s covered by critical illness insurance.

Category One

Category One provides benefits in the event of a heart attack, stroke, heart transplant, bypass surgery, and others.

Category Two

Category Two provides benefits in the event of a major organ transplant (other than heart transplant), end-stage renal failure, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and paralysis (not resulting from a stroke).

Cancer Rider

If you choose the additional Cancer Rider coverage, a lump-sum benefit will be paid in the event of a covered cancer diagnosis.

Wellness Benefit Rider

If you choose the additional Wellness Benefit Rider coverage, an annual benefit will be paid if the insured party receives a covered screening test.