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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance (Short-term and Long-term) can help protect your way of life.

What is disability insurance? Disability insurance is coverage that provides benefits when a policy holder is unable to work. Disability insurance is intended to replace anywhere from 45 to 65 percent of a gross annual income on a tax-free basis. Disability insurance is a lifeline when you cannot work due to a covered illness or an off-the-job accident. With disability insurance, you can focus on living and not on the hardships of your medical expenses.

With disability insurance you can:

  • Receive benefits provided in $100 units from $400 to $5,000, or up to a percentage of income
  • Receive affordable rates age-banded at the time of issue
  • Receive portable policy coverage, meaning you have the option to continue coverage if you change jobs

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Most people are not a fan of over-insuring themselves or their families. Disability insurance is there to help you with your financial obligations when you can’t perform your work-related duties due to a disability. Whether is a Short-term or Long-term situation, this form of insurance can help you bridge the gap and keep your family afloat through these times.

Valerie King was not a believer. When she transitioned from her medical residency to practicing as an emergency room physician, she didn’t think she needed disability insurance. “I could never envision a life without working,” she says. Her insurance professional convinced the young doctor otherwise.