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Long-term Care (LTC)

The Correct Long-term Care Plan Can Protect Your Future.

Having Long-term Care insurance can make a huge diiference on your future assets. At the Insurance Hub we run into so many clients that wished they would have purchased such a plan when it was much more affordable. A lot of people we come across seem to have questions about how they can get on Medicaid in order to afford this unexpected financial burden. Unfortunetly, the only way to qualify for Medicaid which is a State Program, is to do a spend down. Meaning over the past five (5) years you as an individual or couple have to “spend down” your assets to a quailied State approved level. Any assets given away during this time period will be subject to reimburse the State for your Long-term Care coverage.

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Being an American, you are 70% likely to need some sort of Long-term Care (LTC) in their Lifetime. But most people do not have LTC coverage. Health Insurance and Medicare don’t cover LTC, but Medicaid will if your assets are limited. Protect your assets today and learn more about your Long-term Care (LTC) options.

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