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Excellent Must Watch Videos

If you are looking for a great place to start, learn and grow your knowlegde base here. These videos are a wonderful place to enlighten your mind.

Medicare – Turning 65  Medicare and turning 65 can be a confusing time in your life. During this time people turing 65 are going to be bomb-barred with mail, phone calls and even other people knocking on their door. You have a choice and knowing what medicare options are best for you when turning 65 is your right.

Legacy of Love – Life Insurance the True Story (A MUST WATCH!!!) Finally a video capturing the real story and not holding back! At the Insurance Hub it is our duty to educate families about the truth of LIFE while not using scare tactics but helping our clients write the story of their live & also several generations in the future.

Do You Still Have a 401K? It’s been awhile since 2008 and the financial collapse that devastated so many retirement funds. Older workers were hit the hardest as their financial futures were and still may be in question.  History has a tendency to repeat itself, so make sure you are prepared for the future.

Medicares’ 3 Day Rule – 2 Words That Cost Medicare Patients Thousands. When it comes to Medicare claims, it’s all about the fine print on your hospital chart. Find out how being “under observation” can cost you. Medicare recipients have no skilled nursing benefits if they aren’t admitted for 3 nights.  

Medicare Supplement “F or G Plan.” As people all across America will not be able to purchase a Medicare F Plan Supplement after 2020, if you have a F Plan, you may want to consider a G Plan NOW!!!  With less people being able to buy a F Plan, rates may likely rise on current F Plan members. 

High Deductible F Plan (HDF) Could Save You Thousands. A lot of people on Medicare have heard of the F Plan, but most have never hear of the HDF Plan or also referred to as the F-HD Plan. The reason most people haven’t heard of it is because it’s harder for most agents to explain and it pays them less in commissions.

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